Department is working to:

  • Operate the aids to navigation for the Romanian coastline;
  • Perform the calibration and compensation of the following types of navigation equipment: compasses, hydrodynamic and electromagnetic lochs, ultrasonic echo sounder, gyrocompasses, magnetic compasses, hydro-weather equipment, binoculars, alidade, navigation chronometers;
  • Provide the maintenance of the coastline aids to navigation;
  • Maritime beaconing.


The navigation providing to the Romanian seaside is performed by: 7 landing lights located in Mangalia, Tuzla, Constanta, Midia, Gura Portiţei, Sf. Gheorge and Sulina, 1 radiophare in Constanta, 3 entering lights in Mangalia, Constanta and Midia, 3 groups of entering lights in Mangalia, Constanta and Midia, 4 fog signals in Mangalia, Tuzla, Constanta and Sulina.

The Maritime Hydrographic Directorate broadcasts in emergency conditions the coastal radio by NAVAREA III and local radio warnings relating to the safety of navigation and the special weather conditions by the local NAVTEX system (in Romanian) and the coastal radio station (the frequency of 500 kHz , in English).


  • Maintenance - Landing Lighthouse Constanta

  • Maintenance of Generator Group - Mangalia Lighthouse

  • White Light Mangalia

  • White Light Constanța