The SIMIN component of the Navy was achieved in 2002-2003 and consists primarily of the database server at the MHD headquarters, the weather briefing terminals installed on the large units, connected to the database server and the communication network. This system provides a permanent and secure data flow and the real-time weather information.

To measure the meteorological parameters in the areas of responsibility and interest and ensure the own data source in the years 2007-2009 it was performed and developed the Maritime Meteorological Monitoring Network of the Navy.

Currently it includes seven automatic weather coastal stations, installed on the signal lights subordinated to MHD and five automatic weather naval stations, installed on board the Navy vessels.

This operates as a local network, complementary to the national system, for the weather surveillance of the Navy responsibility and interest area, measuring and collecting in real time the data on the main meteorological phenomena.

A proof of performance and interest for the data obtained from the own network is the conclusion in late 2010 of a cooperation protocol with the National Meteorological Administration for the mutual and real time exchanging of the raw meteorological data.

The main future project aims at the development of this network by completing the existent stations with additional sensors to measure the other weather parameters as well as by installing the new stations on board the Navy vessels.