Oceanographic Research Laboratory is a specialized structure providing the oceanographic support for the Navy.

The Oceanographic Research Laboratory is working to:

  • Research oceanographically and geophysically the coastal and offshore areas as well as the relief and seabed in the relevant parts for navigation, hydrography and Navy actions performed in the Romanian Black Sea responsibility area;
  • Update and manage the maritime oceanographic database in terms of the information derived from the specific activities or obtained from other national civilian or military related institutions/organizations;
  • Provide oceanographic support to the Navy on war and peace time;
  • Implement the I.H.O. procedures for the oceanographic research, hydrographic surveys in the areas with large depths and methods of removing the uncertain data;
  • Issue the legislation and documentation providing the oceanographic support to the Navy;
  • Develop the modernization projects and strategies on the purchasing of specific equipment and apparatus;
  • Coordinate the technical activities of oceanographic apparatus and equipment supply for the Navy vessels and units;
  • Provide the technical support to issue the notices for the oceanographic activities performed by other Romanian or foreign, public or private institutions, organizations or bodies which have provided in their statute such specific activities in accordance with the Hydrography Law;
  • Organize and coordinate the oceanographic research activities and missions performed with the Maritime Hydrographic Surveying Vessel "Commander Al. Catuneanu" and the hydrographic motorboats;
  • Provide specialized advice and assistance to the Navy onboard personnel working with specific oceanographic equipment and training them regularly;
  • Cooperate with military or civilian, Romanian or foreign specialized institutions and structures (NATO working groups) in the field of oceanography.