The main activities performed by the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate are to:

      • Manage the national maritime hydrographic data system;
      • Develop, manage and update the information contained on cartography, marine geodesy and maritime navigation;
      • Perform the sea bathymetric surveying;
      • Execute geodetic and other nature research of the objects from the coastal, sea, land and underwater submarine area;
      • Apply the sea geophysics and oceanography in the relevant part for hydrography;
      • Elaborate, product and update the Romanian official charts and nautical publications;
      • Represent Romania to the international organizations with whom it cooperates in the field of maritime hydrography and coastal aids to navigation;
      • Perform the permanent meteorological monitoring and forecasting sea service for the Navy;
      • Issue the warning and information on dangerous meteorological phenomena for planning and carrying out the military and general activities of the Naval Forces;
      • Distribute and sell the Romanian charts and nautical publications;
      • Issue the nautical publications, notices to mariners and radio navigation warnings;
      • Provide the navigational, topo-geodetic and hydro-meteorological support for the commercial and Navy vessels;
      • Perform by request the navigation equipment compensation and calibration for the Navy or any other civilian vessels;
      • Maintain the ship navigation equipment and coastal aids to navigation.
      • Research and development activities in natural sciences and engineering (fundamental research, applied research, experimental development).