It is put into operation in 1944, being modernized in 1952 and 1958. Due to the flooding of the old location, the lighthouse is moved, in 1966, on the south bank of the former channel Gura Portitei. In 1977 it had a new flood, being moved again on the north bank of the former channel Gura Portiţei.

Currently it is located in the point φ = 44º40'31"N, λ = 28º59'14"E, having a white flashing light, period 9 s, visibility 10 nm, height of light 22 m, height of building 23 m. The tower is a metal lattice construction in black and white horizontal stripes and a white cupola. Until 1994, the lighthouse operated on acetylene, the year in which it was connected to the national electricity grid.