Tuzla landing lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse on the seaside which is still in operation today. It entered into operation in 1900, operating with oil lamps, was upgraded in 1946, 1957 and 1972, and in 1958 it was electrified.

It is located in the point φ = 44º59'26"N, λ = 28º39'58"E having a white light with two flashes group, period 9.7 and visibility 20 nm, range of visibility 191°- 014° (183°), height of light 62 m, height of building 44 m.

On this lighthouse it is installed an auxiliary light, which has a fixed red light, visibility 6 nm, range of visibility 162°-192° (30°), height of light 57 m and a fog signal (nautophone) issuing the letter "U "in the Morse code. The fixed red light indicates to mariners that they are in a dangerous shallow water area.