The Marine Scientific Research Consent issued by Maritime Hydrographic Directorate under the Law No. 395/2004 and UNCLOS grants permission to perform the research activities in the area of the national competency of Romania to the Black Sea being issued free of charge at least 30 days prior to the start of the works.

In order to issue the consent, the applicant must complete the following application

Application for consent to conduct marine scientific research (format .docx)

containing the following data:

  • Period, territorial waters and economic exclusiveness areas of Romania where the measurements will be done (coordinates in format WGS84 - EPSG 4326);
  • Identification data of company/firm, surveying team and vessel crew planned to perform the activity;
  • Daily plan and programme of the expedition;
  • Main features of the vessel(s) planned to perform the activity;
  • Specific surveying equipment planned to be used;
  • Information about the potential Romanian partners within the research project (scientific research institutes and individuals) as well as the beneficiaries of the data obtained;
  • Information helping to validate the surveying data such as: type of surveying technique, standards respected during the surveying activity, attestation of surveyors (eg. Cat A) etc.


This notice is issued on terms of a firm commitment of the data beneficiary relating to the transmission, within 30 days from the activity closing, to the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate of a copy of each report, study, project as well as the entire volume of data collected from the surveying activity.

Transmission of the data obtained from surveying campaigns is a necessary condition required for issuing the further surveying notices.

Moreover according to the art. 41 of the Law No. 17/1990, supplemented and amended by the Law No. 36/2002, the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate may request to participate with a specialist in the surveying activities during their operation in the competency area of Romania to the Black Sea.

Also, taking into account the military specificity of our institution, we inform you of the procedure to be followed in case of discovering (during surveying activities in which you will be involved) some possible objects that may contain explosive material (unexploded ammunition, marine mines, projectiles etc ...). In these cases, you will have to inform in shortest time our institution by phone +40.241.651.040 (available 24/24) about the exact location of the discovered object (geographical coordinates WGS84 - EPSG 4326), possibly details of: form, size, type material, buoyancy etc. All this data (including images, video captures) will be sent officially also to the email address of our