Romanian Maritime Hydrographic Directorate has permanent collaboration relations with hydrographic institutions from different states of the world and has signed cooperation protocols with the hydrographic services from countries with a long maritime tradition, such as: USA, Great Britain, Italy and Turkey, being under negotiation. of such protocols with similar institutions in Greece, Ukraine and Georgia.


Also, as a national authority in the fields of hydrography, cartography and maritime signaling, the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate is the representative of the Romanian government at all meetings and working groups within IALA / AISM and IHO, international non-governmental organizations, where Romania is a Member State with full rights and obligations.

The Hydrographic Directorate staff constantly participates in conferences and meetings designed to boost cooperation in the field of hydrography, oceanography and cartography, with the objectives of: increasing navigation safety by continuously updating and increasing the quality of national hydrographic products and services; exchange of navigation safety information (MSI); uniformization, standardization and validation of electronic maps for international maritime navigation.

Maritime Hydrographic Directorate is an active structure at NATO level, effectively supporting all joint actions undertaken by the Allies in the area of responsibility of the Romanian Naval Forces, with data and information specific to the fields of hydrography, oceanography and cartography.


  • MGEOMETOC COE – February 2020 Lisbon, Portugal

  • Negotiation Memorandum of Understanding with the Hellenic Hydrographic Service – September 2019 Constanta, Romania

  • NATO Shipping Working Group 19 – May 2019 Brugge, Belgium

  • NACPP – November 2018 Constanta, Romania

  • Working group of IHO member countries – November 2018 Bruxelles, Belgium