• The Military Climatology and Weather Data Management Laboratory is the structure specialised in collecting, decoding, processing, storing and analysing meteorological data from all available sources. The role of laboratory is to provide climate characterization of area of responsability and to elaborate climatology statistics for the area of responsability, that support the plannning and organisation of Romanian Naval Forces exercises and missions (available on military internal network).
  • To achieve its objectives, The Lab operates, maintains and modernizes The National Integrated Meteorological System (SIMIN-FN) and The Maritime Meteorological Surveillance Network of the Naval Forces(RSMM-FN), consisting of coastal automatic weather stations.
  • The Laboratories coordinate the activity and training of personnel in the METOC domain from the Naval Forces and carry out cooperation for the exchange of METOC data and products with similar structures in NATO or partner member states. It also develops and revises manuals, instructions and orders that implement METOC support in Romanian Naval Forces.


  • Wind Direction Frequency(%) at Constanta

  • Coastal Medium and Maximum wind speed at Constanta