According to the Law no.395 / 2004 on the maritime hydrographic activity and the Order of the Minister of National Defense no. M129/2016 on the establishment of the public data obtained from maritime hydrographic activity to be made available to users, the hydrographic, cartographic and publishing activities that may be carried out for charge, as well as their related rates, the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate may performs for charge the topographic Surveys.

Total costs expressed in euro per 1 hectare of topographic surveys according to the land category and coverage degree:

Category I Category II Category III Category IV Category V Category VI
Category I 85 113 141 169 197 225
Category II 96 130 163 197 231 265
Category III 107 147 186 225 265 304
Category IV 118 163 209 254 299 344
Category V 130 180 231 282 333 383


The unit of measure for topographic surveys is the hectare.


For the land topo-geodetic work performed outside optimum periods, the time norms are increased by the percentages given in the table below:

Work area/ month January February March April-October November December
Lowland and Hill 35% 35% 15% - 15% 35%
Mountain 40% 40% 30% 20% 30% 40%

The rates are not including the travel expenses for staff and the hydrographic platform in/from the work area (transport, subsistence, accommodation) and are supported by the beneficiary.

Any printing costs are calculated according to the requirements of the beneficiary being supported by this.