Research and inovation directions

• development of multidisciplinary scientific research of the national maritime area of competence;

• participation in scientific research in national and international waters, in the field of hydro-geography, oceanography and topogeodesy;

• development of multidisciplinary scientific research of the Romanian coastal and exclusive economic area;

• development of scientific research in the field of marine meteorology in the Western basin of the Black Sea;

• development of scientific research in the field of classical and electronic nautical charts.


The activity of the Research and Innovation laboratory

In 2008, the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate was accredited as an institution carrying out scientific research activities, being involved in projects with national and European funding, but it did not have a specialized structure to coordinate the research-development activity. Thus, starting with 2019, within the institution was established the specialized structure, namely Research and Innovation Laboratory, which ensures in the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate, the activity of scientific research and technological development, capable of contributing to the increase of the technical-material base in the field of hydrography, oceanography, topogeodesy, meteorology and maritime signalling, as well as in the field of classical and electronic nautical charts, respectively in the improvement of the procedures specific to the MCM (Mine Counter Measures) missions, in close connection with the concrete objectives of the International Hydrographic Organization, of the North-Atlantic Alliance and of the European Union on standardization and interoperability between organizations.


The main tasks of Research and Innovation Laboratory:

• Coordinates the scientific research activity within the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate, in compliance with the legislation (both, the civil and military) in this field;

• Acts to maintain the status of the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate as a research and development entity, recognized by the Ministry of Education and Research;

• Elaborates research and development projects in the fields of the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate’s competence with the involvement of specialized personnel;

• Participates for the preparation of the necessary documents to participate in projects financed from national or European funds, jointly with other Romanian and foreign research institutions;

• Identifies possible collaborative partners in scientific research projects among national R&D institutions, higher education institutions, etc. in order to cooperate in eligible partnerships for accessing European funds;

• Proposes project implementation teams in which the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate is a partner or project coordinator;

• Monitors and coordinates all the activities provided for the research projects stipulated in the contracts in which the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate is involved;

• Proposes budgetary allocations to cover the scientific research activities within the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate;

• Elaborates proposals for collaboration agreements in the field of scientific research with institutions whose object of activity is scientific research;

• Makes proposals for setting up the Scientific Council of the institution and coordinates its activity;

• Coordinates and directs the scientific activities organized by the institution: sessions of scientific communications, workshops, etc.;

• Centralizes and submits, to the approval of Scientific Council, the scientific works proposed to be published in the DHM Bulletin;

• Participates, as a representative of the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate, in the scientific activities to which the institution is invited.


The results of the research-development activity

In the field of scientific research, the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate has participated in numerous research projects, of which can be mention:


1. Project title: "Scientific and technological transfer platform in the field of operational oceanography, vector for increasing security in the western part of the Black Sea";

  • Form of participation: DHM - partner;
  • Funding source: 2006 CEEX Program;
  • Project value: 153,570 RON;
  • The period of the contract's development: 2006 - 20088;


2. Project title: "Influence of global and regional geo-climatic changes on sustainable development in Dobrogea - GLOBE";

  • Participation form: MHD - project coordinator, partners 9 research institutions and universities;
  • Project value: 1 097 533 RON;
  • The period of the contract: 2007 - 2010;


3. Project title: "Strengthening the administrative and management capacity of the research and development activities of the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate by purchasing IT equipment and performing software - HIDRODATANET";

  • Form of participation: MHD - project coordinator;
  • Funding source: European Fund for Regional Development - POSCCE-A2-O2.2.4-2009-3 Program;
  • Project value: 468,000 RON;
  • Period of the contract: 2010;


4. Project title: "System for the detection, classification and identification of local underwater factors generating security risks - SECRIS";

  • Form of participation: MHD - partner;
  • Project value: 100,000 RON;
  • The period of the contract: 2008 - 2011;