According to the Law no.395/2004 on the maritime hydrographic activity and the Order of the Minister of National Defense no. M129/2016 on the establishment of the public data obtained from maritime hydrographic activity to be made available to users, the hydrographic, cartographic and publishing activities that may be carried out for charge, as well as their related rates, the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate collects the charge for maritime lighthouses signalling service for the foreign and Romanian vessels entering in the Romanian maritime ports.

This charge is:

  • for maritime vessels = 0,03 euro/UTB
  • for fishing vessels = 0,02 euro/UTB

In special cases, the charge shall be applied to the gross tonnage REDUS as stated in the International Tonnage Certificate of the vessel, in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union no. 530/2012. For good functionality and fairness, a copy of the International Tonnage Certificate will be sent out to the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate of Constanta.

The payment will be made exclusively by bank transfer to one of the accounts indicated on the fiscal invoice issued by the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate for the payment in lei of the exchange rate applied by the National Bank of Romania on the day of invoicing, according to the art. 2, par. 1 of the Order no. 129/2016.The amount of the bank transfer fees until the crediting of the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate account, as well as the bank transfer risk are assumed exclusively by the Agent. The payment may also be made in euro in the special currency account (euro) specified on the issued tax invoice, only in cases duly justified by the Beneficiary/Agent.

Accounts of the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate:

  • RO58 TREZ 2312 0E33 0800 XXXX - lei - opened at the Constanţa Treasury
  • RO02 RNCB 0114 0320 5302 0110 - lei - opened at Romanian Commercial Bank
  • RO37 RNCB 0114 0320 5302 0112 - euro - open at Romanian Commercial Bank

The Beneficiary/Agent is required to pay the full invoice within 45 (forty-five) days from the communication date by the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate of Constanta, by fax or email. After this period the beneficiary / agent will pay penalties. The legal penalties are calculated according to the provisions of Law no. 72/2013 in the amount of0,05% for each day of delay, calculated at the default value of the obligation until the date of its full fulfillment.


Model of service contract concluded between the Marine Hydrographic Directorate and agents, pdf format (31 KB)


For more details on the maritime lighthouses signalling service please contact directly the responsible department:

  • Chief of revenue and receipts office, E-mail:

    *UTB = gross tonnage, in accordance with the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement, concluded at London on 23 June 1969.